The Thoroughly Modern Amateur Astronomer

- by James Roe

Mr. James Roe, formerly of the McDonnell Astronomy Club, will be featured at the June meeting of the Saint Louis Astronomical Society.

The revolution that has swept through astronomy, the oldest of the
sciences, extends to amateur astronomers as well as to professionals. Amateur telescopes can seek out interesting objects, guided by built-in computer rather than by a human operator. Amateur telescopes can be comparable in size and superior in capability to mid-sized professional instruments of a few decades ago. Digital image acquisition and processing, developed for astronomy before other commercial and home applications,
has made amateur telescopes more powerful and sophisticated than was envisioned, even a few years ago. Mr. Roe will talk about the technical revolution in telescope instrumentation, and how this has affected the amateur astronomer. He is an experienced observer and astrophotographer, as well as a member of the Astronomical league and past president of the McDonnell Astronomy Club. Mr. Roe is currently a missionary, serving in Oaxaca, Mexico.