Observing the heavens
SLAS members will show you the ropes

You have a telescope or binoculars, but you haven’t gotten an observing program together yet? SLAS members will guide the beginner who is ready to move up and the intermediate who is ready to set the program for the year with this month’s meeting. Deep sky observing will be one focus of the program. Observing programs from the Astronomical League, along with A.L. materials to get started will be presented in one phase of the talk. An example log book of the Herschel Club, along with requirements for a Messier log book and guide for observing log books will be a second part of the presentation.
Mark Jones and Jerry Loethen will discuss the dark sky parties for the upcoming year. We will give you resources for ideas for a March tradition, the Messier Marathon. SLAS members will be invited to a whole calendar of events this year, including a monthly dark sky party, and regular sessions at Jerry’s place for double star and lunar observations. There is some event to keep you busy nearly every week of the year!
Finally, the program will take a hard look at accessories for the observer. Star maps will be available for inspection, and recommendations for one that is right for you will be discussed. You will learn how to record a quality log book and how to use books and magazines to help you plan a session. Appropriate equipment will also be a topic along with a presentation by Louis Berman on freesoftware that you can use to plan and guide a session.
I hope you’re ready for a great observing season. The first dark sky party is this Saturday, so dust off your equipment and get to this meeting to begin planning for a great observing session.