Digital Astrophotography - From Scope to Screensaver

Mr. Gregg Ruppel of SLAS will be featured at the June meeting of the St. Louis Astronomical Society.

Mr. Stein will review the software available to acquire and process digital images, whether from a CCD, webcam, digital camera, or scanned film/photo. Gregg will cover acquistion software like MaximDL (CCD) and K3CCD (webcam) along with some of the processing software (MaximDL, AIP4Win, Registax2), and then describe post-processing with graphics pacakages like Photoshop, Photopaint, etc.

Gregg has been extremely active in the St. Louis area in the field of astrophotography and his web site is full of fabulous photographs that he has taken over the years. For a preview of some of his work, visit his web site at the link below.

Gregg Ruppel's Astronomy Page: