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SLAS Regular Meeting
Friday, August 17, 2012
McDonnell Hall
Washington University

Discovering Comet Bruenjes – From Western Missouri
Astrophotographer Fred Bruenjes

Comets are chunks of ice and rock only a few miles across. Only the very few that
travel into the inner solar system develop a fuzzy head and a millions-of-miles-long tail. Even these spend most of their time far away from the sunlight that activates the tail, so they are difficult to see, even through telescopes. But several times each year a new comet is found– often by an amateur astronomer. The comet is then named for the comet hunter who first reported it. Amateur astronomer Fred Bruenjes will present the story behind the discovery of Comet C/2012 C2 – Comet Bruenjes. The discussion will include motivations, search strategy, equipment, the discovery, follow-up, and reporting, along with tips for prospective comet hunters.
Fred Bruenjes is an amateur astronomer and veteran astrophotographer. He left an
electrical engineering job in California to settle in Warrensburg, Missouri. There he built his own observatory, as well as Moonglow Technologies, an electronics firm specializing in developing astronomical products. He is still an engineer and software designer during the day, but now also an astronomer and astrophotographer by night. His pictures have appeared in a number of commercial magazines. Some websites for his work, etc are:

Meeting Agenda


Introduction of Officers

Astro 101 - Mars Curiosity

Speaker - Fred Bruenjes





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