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SLAS Regular Meeting
Friday, July 19, 2013
McDonnell Hall, Washington University

General Theory of Relativity: 
Einstein's Magnum Opus
Ian H. Redmount
Associate Professor of Physics
Saint Louis University

In November 1915 Albert Einstein changed the way that scientists look at space, time, and the material universe when he unveiled his General Theory of Relativity. Almost a cen-tury later, we are still using the theory and its predictions to learn more about gravitation, the stars, and the cosmos. On a more practical note, Relativity Theory is now built into technolo-gies we use every day. GPS-based devices, for example, must use Relativity theory in order to work properly. Dr. Redmount will explain the basic principles of General Relativity, and how they relate to our understanding of the universe about us.

Ian Redmount is an Associate Professor of Physics at Saint Louis University. His re-search is focused on general relativity theory and its applications to cosmology and black holes, as well as on problems related to quantum gravity and quantum mechanics.

Meeting Agenda


Introduction of Officers

Dr. Redmount

Astro 101 - NASA Mission Update - Bradley Waller

Question to be voted upon:  Should SLAS donate $100 toward restoration of the 24 in Clark Refractor at Lowell Observatory

    Star B Q Saturday, August 17
    Next board meeting July 11
    Two committees
        Space Grant  date TBA
        MSRAL 2014: Sunday, July 21, 6:00 pm at Young's Restaurant in Valley Park

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