SLAS Astrophotography Resource Page

SLAS Astrophotography Resource Page

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St. Louis Astronomical Society Astrophotography Resources

SLAS member pages
Gregg Rupple’s Astrophotography page Excellent photographs, works constantly, pages for techniques and getting started.

Jim Melka’s Image web site, Jim is also a member of the Boeing Employees' Amateur Astronomy Club - St. Louis. He specializes in planetary images

Getting Started
Photography with a tripod by Keith Cooley

Photography with a video camera
Article from Sky and Telescope -

Photography with a Web Cam
Article with techniques -

Photography with a Barn Door Tracker
Jeff DeTray: Astronomy Boy - article on how to build a barn door.

Image processing
Processing flow from Russell Croman’s page -

Collections of articles
Jerry Lodriguss - set of articles.
Sky and Telescopes Astrophotography guides -
Oliver Thizy -

Astrophotography for the Amateur – Michael Covington -
The following are available at -
A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR Cameras
CCD Astrophotography – High Quality Imaging from the Suburbs
Video Astronomy: Sky & Telescope Observer's Guides
Digital Astrophotography – Patrick Moore’s Practical Astronomy Series
Astronomy Hacks – Robert Thompson and Barbara Thompson
Introduction to Digital Astrophotography: Imaging the Universe with a Digital Camera – Robert Reeves -
Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography -
Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing – Richard Berry and James Burnell -

Individual Pages for Astrophotography
Jerry Lodriguss -
Russell Croman Astrophotography -
Keith Cooley -
Al Kelly’s CCD Astrophotography page -
Phillip Perkings – -
CCD Imaging Webring -

Registax -
Registax Tutorials -
K3 Astro -
Astrosnap -
Iris -
Starry Night Software -
Software Bisque – The Sky software -

Equipment articles
Digital SLR’s – Michael Covington -
Canon EOS digital astrophotography -
Laptop video, camera and telescope control -

Web Cam adapters - – one of the best vendors for digital camera adaptors - – -
Oceanside Photo and Telescope - -
Astromart - Classified ads for telescopes and other equipment -
Books: Willmann-Bell Publishers - -

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