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MSRAL 2006 Convention

January, 2018

December, 2017  Radio Quasars & the VLA - Amy E. Kimball  *Virtual Event
November, 2017  Pluto - William McKinnon, PhD - Washington University
October, 2017 TBA
September, 2017  Solar Eclipse Results - SLAS Collective
August, 2017  TBA
July, 2017  Exploring the Moon from Orbit: Paving the Way for Future Astronaut Explorers - Ryan Clegg-Watkins, PhD - Washington University
May, 2017  Cosmic Epoch of Re-Ionization - Kara Kundert - University California - Berkeley *Virtual Event
April, 2017    Weaubleau Impact Structure - Kevin Evans, PhD - Missouri State University
March, 2017  Astronomy with a Microscope: Studying Stardust in the Laboratory - Christine Floss, PhD - Washington University
February, 2017 CosmoQuest: Mapping the Moon and Planets On Home Computers - Dr. Pamela Gay - CosmoQuest and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
January, 2017  The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery - Dr. Peter Plavchan - Missouri State University

December, 2016  Dr. Strange and the Struggle With Dark Energy - Dr. Michael Ogilvie - Washington University
November, 2016  The Mars One Project: Establishing A Colony On Mars - Ms. Maggie Duckworth  - Mars One
October, 2016 Splitting Hairs Over the Distance to the Nearest Star - Dr. Kater Murch - Washington University
September, 2017  Chaco Canyon – The Stones and Stars of Ancient American Astronomers - Gary Gackstatter - St. Louis Community College - Meramec
August, 2016 The 2017 Eclipse - One Year Out - John Wharton - St. Louis Science Center
July 2016 Sketching the Night Sky: The Art Of Astronomy- Jane Rix
June, 2016 Reporting Tomorrow's Weather Today- Mike Roberts - Meteorologist
May, 2016 Exoplanets - Dr. Heather Knutson - California Institute of Technology
April 2016  Cosmological Evolution - Ian Redmount, PhD. - Saint Louis University
March, 2016  Sundials – The World's Oldest Clocks - Dr. Don Snyder - North American Sundial Society
February, 2016  Night Sky Photography - William Neubert - SLAS
January, 2016 Preview of Interesting Astronomical Events for 2016 - Mark Jones - SLAS

December, 2015 The View from Saturn: A Decade of Discoveries - Richard Heuermann - SLAS
November, 2015 Curiosity, the (Robot) Martian - Valerie Fox - Washington University
October, 2015 Pluto - Kari Wojkowski - University of Illinois
September, 2015 2017 Eclipse - Chap Percival
August, 2015  Building a 70" Telescope - Mike Clements
July, 2015  When is a Planet a Planet? - Dr. Pamela L Gay - SIU-Edwardsville
June, 2015 Skywatchers of Ancient Cahokia- William Iseminger - Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
May, 2015  Opportunity and Water on the Meridiani Plains - Kathryn Powel - Washington University
April, 2015  Rosetta at Comet 67P - Joseph Marcus, MD
March, 2015  An Asteroid Tour: NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Mission - Richard Heuermann -
Washington University
February, 2015 Hunting For Alien Planets – NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Mission - Dr. William Hayden Smith - Washington University
January, 2015  Beyond the Hubble Space Telescope: New Observatories, New Discoveries
and Skywatching 2015 - Paul Baldwin and Mark Jones - Members of SLAS

December, 2014  When Worlds Aligned – October’s Eclipses - Members and Guests of SLAS
November, 2014 Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe - Dr. Bharat Ratra Kansas State University
October, 2014 The Search for Planets of Other Suns - Dr. Catarina Ubach
September, 2014 Global Climate Is Changing – Or Is It? And If So – Why? - Jack Fishman - Saint Louis University & William Hayden Smith - Washington University
August, 2014 How Planets Are Built - Logan Brown - UMSL
July, 2014
  A Tour of the Stellar Zoo - Richard Heuermann, Washington University
June, 2014  Meteorite Hunting in Antarctica - Dr. Alex Meshik - Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University
May, 2014  Get Cratered: Brought to you by the letter M: Moon, Mars, Mercury - Dr. Pamela L. Gay - Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
April, 2014  Rotational Dynamics of Planets, Stars, and Galaxies - Dr. Robert Criss - Washington University
March, 2014  Probing the High Energy Universe -Dr. Matthias Beilicke - Washington University
February, 2014 Way-Finding and Wobble: Navigating by Starlight - Grant Martin and William Biermann Members of SLAS
January, 2014    Astrophotography – Pro Results Using Amateur Tools - Dan Crowson -SLAS member

December, 2013 Recent Results from the Opportunity Rover Mission to Mars - Ed Guiness - Washington University
November, 2013 Astronomy and Space Gadgets and Gifts - Members of SLAS
October, 2013   Comet ISON - Comet of the Century? - Mr. Gary Kronk
September, 2013  The Cosmos and the Quark - Professor Mark Alford, Washington University
August, 2013 - Cosmic Rays – 101 Years of Discovery - Professor Martin Israel, Washington University
July, 2013  General Theory of Relativity:  Einstein's Magnum Opus - Ian H. Redmount Associate Professor of Physics,
Saint Louis University
June, 2013  The Search for Planets of Alien Suns - Ms. Teresa Wong, Washington University
May, 2013  What is Dark Matter and Why Does It Matter? - Dr. Ram Cowsik
April, 2013 - The Next Giant Leap – Future Human Space Exploration - Ms. Ryan Clegg, Washington University
March, 2013 - What Makes a Comet Great? - Joseph Marcus
February, 2013 - Archeo Astronomy - Michael Friedlander
January, 2013 - Comet Photography - SLAS members Mark Jones, Jim Melka, Thane Bopp

December, 2012 - The Higg's Particle: Resolving Mass Confusion - Michael Ogilvie
November, 2012 - Exploring the Moon with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - Brad Joliff
October, 2012 - Stellar Dust and its message from Space - Angela Speck
September, 2012 - Contributions in Amateur Astronomy and Best Practices of Member Clubs - Carroll Iorg, President, Astronomical League
August, 2012 - Discovering Comet Bruenjes – From Western Missouri - Astrophotographer Fred Bruenjes
July, 2012  When Worlds Align - A Solar Eclipse, A Venus Transit - Members of SLAS
June, 2012  Where Do We Come From? Our Stellar Roots - Dr. Ernst Zinner, Washington University
May, 2012  From Dusty Darkness to Brilliant Light: The Birth of Stars - Ms. Kristen Erickson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri - St. Louis
April, 2012  Particle Physics in the High School Classroom - Mr. Jim Small, SLAS and Tim Morrison, Parkway South High School
March, 2012  When Worlds Align - A Solar Eclipse, A Transit of Venus - Mark Jones, St. Louis Astronomical Society
February, 2012  Recent Results from Opportunity's Exploration of Endeavour Crater, Mars - Ms. Abigail Fraeman, Washington University
January, 2012 Mineralogy of Astrophysical Environments From IR to UV Spectra - Dr. Anne Hofmeister, Washington University

December, 2011The REALLY Big Picture - The Structure and Evolution of Our Universe - Dr. Ian Redmount, St. Louis University
November, 2011 Observing the Most Violent Objects in the Universe - With Gamma Ray Telescopes - Dr. Matthias Beilicke, Washington University
October, 2011  100 Years of AAVSO - The Role of the Amateur in Astronomy - Mike Simonsen, American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
September, 2011  Cosmology, Thermodynamics and the Scientific Method - Dr. Robert Criss, Washington University
August, 2011 The Antarctic Search for Meteorites: My Two Months in the Antarctic - Ryan Zeigler, Washington University
July, 2011  All These Worlds are Yours, Including Europa - Ms. Kelsey Singer, Washington University
June, 2011 75 Years of Astronomical Discovery - Dr. Pamela Gay, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
May, 2011 NASA's Planetary Exploration: From Mid-Town St. Louis by Richard Heuermann, Washington University
April, 2011 Some Like it Hot... and Toxic - Dr. Jan Amend
March, 2011 A Daylight Comet in September?  What Makes a Comet Bright? - Dr. Joseph Marcus
February, 2011  Star Gazing, Planet Watching: Tips and Techniques - William Biermann, Don Ficken, Mark Jones
January, 2011  SOPHIA - NASA's New Flying Observatory - Bruce Wilking

December, 2010 The Newest Space Race: Competing for a Share of the Multi-Trillion Dollar Frontier - Dr. Edythe E. Weeks, Esq
November, 2010 The Exploration of the Moon - Pamela Gay  AND   How to Buy a Telescope - Rich Heuermann
October, 2010  The Cahokia Woodhenge - Michael Friedlander
September, 2010  The Phoenix has Landed: Snowbird on Mars - Selbi Cole
August, 2010 Moons of Distinction - The Ice Worlds Europa and Iapatus - Kelsi Singer
July, 2010  A Websurfers Guide to the Universe - Rich Heuermann
June, 2010  The Geology of Mars - Ed Guinness
May, 2010  Decoding the Message of Starlight - Rich Heuermann
April, 2010  MoonRise: A Sample-Return Mission to Investigate the Impact History of the Solar System and Formation of the Moon's Crust - Professor Brad Jolliff
March, 2010  The Search For E.T. Intercepting Alien Signals - Monte Ross
February, 2010 Cosmic Rays - What Are They and Where Do They Come From? - Dr. Michael Friedlander
January, 2010 Meteorites - Rocks from space - Bruce L. Stinchcomb

December, 2009 Searching for Our Origins: Organic Molecules in Young Star Systems - Dr. Erika Gibb
November, 2009 The Year in Planetary Exploration - Mike Malolepszy
October, 2009 The Lives of Stars - Author Ken Croswell
September, 2009 The Exploration of the Moon through Time - Dr. Ryan Zeigler
August, 2009 The Formation of the Solar System - Angela Speck
July, 2009
June, 2009 Sampling the Surface of Mars: Results from the Phoenix Lander Amy Shaw
May, 2009 Celestial Potpourri - Members of SLAS
April, 2009 Why Does The Pope Have An Astronomer? - Brother Guy Consolmagno
March, 2009 The Little Satellite That Could– Amazing Enceladus! - Professor William McKinnon
February, 2009 But Still It Moves ? The Life and Times of Galileo - K. Michael Malolepszy
January, 2009 The Once and Future Role of Citizen Science: The Great Discoveries of Public Astronomers Across History - Dr. Pamela Gay

December, 2008 The Search For Planets Of Alien Suns - Richard Heuermann
November, 2008 The Evolution of Volcanism on Venus - Christopher Orth
October, 2008 An Ancient Eye Test ? Using the Stars - Professor George Bohigian
September, 2008 Star Formation in the Snake's Tail - Dr. Bruce Wilking, University of Missouri-St. Louis
August, 2008 Beyond the Milky Way - Richard Heuermann, Washington University
July, 2008 Stars and the Abundances of the Elements - Dr. Katharina Lodders, Washington University
June, 2008
May, 2008
Rendezvous In Space: Building The Gemini Spacecraft - Nelson Weber, Aerospace Engineer, retired McDonnell Corporation
April, 2008 Snowbird: The Phoenix Lander on Mars - Selby Cole
March, 2008 Is Hubble Worth the Trouble? - David Ritchie
February, 2008 Global Warming, Causes and Cures - Carl Bender
January, 2008 Skyview 2008: A Preview of Astronomical Events - Mark Jones

December, 2007 Using the Mallincam and Comet Holmes for the Holidays - Gary Kronk
November, 2007 How to Buy a Telescope and Get Started in Astronomy - Members of SLAS
October, 2007 Exploding Stars in an Accelerating Universe - Webcast - Dr. Craig Wheeler
September, 2007 Dust in the (Cosmic) Wind - John Foote
August, 2007 Of Mars, Meteors and an Eclipse of the Moon - Jim Melka and Mike Malolepszy
July, 2007 Comets: Ancient Messengers - Dr. Erika Gibbs
June, 2007 There's a What in Bonne Terre? - Earl Mullins
May, 2007 New Horizons at Jupiter and it's Satellites - Bill McKinnon, Washington U.
April, 2007 X-Ray and Gamma Ray Observations of Gamma Ray Bursts - Henric Krawczynski
March, 2007 Near and Far, Moons, Planets, Stars! - Mike Malolepszy
February, 2007 TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy: Studying the Violent Universe - James H. Buckley - Washington University
January, 2007 So You Bought a Telescope, Now What?

December, 2006 Astrobiology: Life in Extreme Environments - and life in the solar system? - Carrine Blank
November, 2006 Messenger: Mission to Mercury - Roger Phillips
October, 2006 How To Buy A Telescope - Members of SLAS
September, 2006 A Close-up View of a Comet - Analyzing STARDUST Cometary Samples in the Laboratory - Dr. Frank Stadermann
August, 2006
July, 2006
June, 2006
May, 2006 Active Galactic Nuclei: Black Holes Supersized - Wayne Clark
April, 2006
March, 2006 The Measurement of Astronomical Distances - To What Lengths Will Astronomers Go? - Professor Michael W. Friedlander
February, 2006 Prepare For Liftoff - The Challenger Learning Center, St. Louis - Ms. Tasmyn Scarl Front
January, 2006

December, 2005
November, 2005 Dark Energy In the Accelerating Universe - Professor Tapei Cheng
October, 2005 Viewing UB 313 and other adventures with the 82" Otto Struve telescope at McDonald Observatory - Louis Berman, Jim Small
September, 2005
August, 2005
July, 2005 Stargazing and Astrophotography - Jim Melka and Jim Roe
June, 2005 Hiking In the Mountains of the Moon; The Voyage of
Apollo 15 - John Newcomer
May, 2005 Mars Update - Robot Rovers Are Running - Dr. Edward Guinness
April, 2005
March, 2005 Saturn: The Real Ringworld - K. Michael Malolepszy
February, 2005
January, 2005

December, 2004
November, 2004 Getting Started in Astronomy - Members of SLAS
October, 2004 Eyepiece Transmission Results - John Duchek and David Hall
September, 2004 From New Mexico to the Center of the Galaxy - Mike Malolepszy
August, 2004 High Schools Gaze At Cosmic Rays - Jim Small and Rich Nieman
July, 2004 Comet Watch - Amateur Contributions To Cometary Astronomy - Gary Kronk
June, 2004  Digital Astrophotography, From Scope to Screen Saver - Gregg Ruppel
May, 2004 The Exploration of Mars: Rovers and Beyond - Mr. Thomas Stein
April, 2004 Catching a Comet - The Stardust MIssion - Collecting Dust Particles Older than the Sun and Bringing them Back to Earth - Donald Brownlee
March, 2004 Observing the heavens: SLAS members will show you the ropes - Members of SLAS
February, 2004
January, 2004 A Telescope for Christmas - Now What? - Mike Malolepzy

December, 2003
November, 2003  Digital Imaging of Mars - SLAS member Jim Melka
October, 2003   Cosmic Rays - Dr. Martin Israel, Washington University
September, 2003 Discovering Mars - Past, Present, and Future - Mike Malolepszy, St. Louis Astronomical Society
August, 2003 Roughness in our patch of Sky - Dr. Frank Podosek, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences - Washington University
July, 2003
June, 2003  Formation of the Solar System - Dr. Kathy Kitts, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences - Washington University
May, 2003 The Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Where Are We Going - And Why? - Mr. Frank Seelos, Washington University
April, 2003  Recent Infrared Measurement of Herbig-Haro Objects- Dr. Richard D. Schwartz, University of Missouri - St. Louis
March, 2003  Using Reflected Sunlight Spectra to Determine Atmospheric Composition of the Outer Planets (Uranus and Neptune) - Dr. Jim O'Brien
Professor of Chemistry, University of Missouri - St. Louis
February, 2003  Getting Started in CCD Imaging - Gregg Ruppel
January, 2003

December, 2002
November, 2002 How to buy a Telescope by Members of SLAS
October, 2002 Astronomy for the Ancients by Dr. Michael Johnson
September, 2002 The Biggest Bangs by Jonathan Katz
August, 2002
July, 2002 The Astronomical League and the International Space Station Amateur Telescope by Marion Bachtell and Jackie Buecher
June, 2002 Evidence For Large-Scale Explosive Volcanism On Mars
Brian Hynek of Washington University
May, 2002 The Cosmic Microwave Background and the Shape of the Universe
by Dr. Claude Bernard, Department of Physics, Washington University
March, 2002 MyStars! Astronomy Shareware - Jim Small, member of SLAS
February, 2002 Astronomy and the Retina - Solar Retinopathy and Dark Adaptation - Dr. Thomas Krummenacher
January, 2002 So You Bought a Telescope for Christmas, Now What? - Members of SLAS

December, 2001 The Quark-Gluon Plasma: Closing In On the Big Bang - Michael Ogilvie,
Washington University
November, 2001
Dr. Ken Croswell
August, 2001 Comet Dust in the Laboratory - Dr. Scott Messenger -Washington University
July, 2001 Watching Star Formation - With Internet 2 - Bruce A. Wilking, UMSL
June, 2001 The Thoroghly Modern Amateur Astronomer, James Roe
May, 2001 Riding NASA's Zero-Gravity Roller Coaster or, How To Not Vomit On the Vomit Comet - Brian Hynek, Washington University
April, 2001 Chaos on Io - Dr. William B. McKinnon, Washington University
March, 2001 Carbon Stars - Dr. Katharina Lodders, Washington University



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