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1.  Observing
 1.1 General
Night sky observing planner. Contacts for astronomy clubs. Telescope viewing event information, including SLAS events

Home page for Sky and Telescope magazine. Night sky map. More features for magazine subscribers. Also has news, astroimaging, podcasts, etc.

Home page for Astronomy magazine. Night sky map. More features for magazine subscribers. Also has news, astro-images, podcasts, etc.

Includes free download-able night sky chart for the month, with list of objects to observe.

Software section has observing logs – general, Messier objects, Caldwell objects, eyepiece parameters. Must be downloaded.

Welcome to Tonight's Sky. This site will help you plan you observing sessions by helping you find objects of interest in your sky. Based on your input below a list of objects will be produced that are visible at your location when you plan to observe. Any object below the local horizon will be excluded. On the next page you will see details about each object. You can then research any object of interest with the links provided. It is my intention to provide a sample of what you will see in the eyepiece of a 6" telescope. As a final step you can select the objects you plan to observe and a page will be provided for you to print and take with you when you go out. Happy hunting.

Also, sites suggested by Mark Jones
Free computer star charts
1. Down load program, Cartes du Ciel:  http://astrosurf.com/astropc/cartes/index.html
2. Web-based planning tool: http://tonightssky.com/MainPage.php

Free paper star charts
1.  Messier finder charts:  http://www.custerobservatory.org/Messiecharts/messier.pdf
2. NGC finder charts:  http://www.rasc.ca/im/observing/finestngc.pdf
3. Simple star maps:  http://www.skymaps.com/downloads.html
4. 7th magnitude star maps:  http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=1052
5. Star Hopping Messier finder charts:  http://www.robhawley.net/mm/SHG-MM-charts-v6.pdf
6. Star maps by constellation:  http://www.memorybankinc.com/starmap/seti.htm

1.2 Weather
         Maps and graphical weather predictions
    - also , see Clear Sky Clock on other sites linked on SLAS website

1.3 Moon
Detailed atlas of the lunar surface. Must be downloaded. 
Virtual Moon Atlas displays a 3D lunar globe which can be magnified, rotated, and navigated. On its left panel, the program provides us with a thorough study of the lunar surface with an amazing level of detail, which includes its dimension, position, its craters and formations.

1.4 Planets
For amateurs interested in the latest observations of the planets

            A great local site for the planets. Talk to Jim Melka!
1.5 Satellite predictions

1.6 Eclipses

2. Pictures of the Day, News of the Week
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

            Lunar picture of the day

News articles on astronomy and spaceflight. Picture galleries. Can subscribe to weekly e-mail newsletter, free.


3. NASA sites
General NASA site. Links to astronomy and planetary science NASA missions. Sections for educators, the media, and kids. Links to homepages for individual NASA missions and space-based telescopes.

General site for CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) in Pasadena, CA.. Links to astronomy and planetary science NASA missions. JPL manages many of the NASA interplanetary and lunar missions and a number of its astrophysics spacecraft and space-based telescopes, but not Hubble. Sections for educators, the media, and kids. Links to homepages for individual NASA missions and space-based telescopes.


Homepage for the Hubble Space Telescope. Many images, including the “Hubble Heritage” gallery of the most spectacular Hubble pictures.

            Homepage for pictures and information about the Apollo human lunar landing missions

Site for the HiRISE camera system of the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Example of a NASA mission-type site.

4. Descriptive Astronomy and Astrophysics
“The Internet Encyclopedia of Science”. Many articles on physics and chemistry as well as astrophysics and astronomy.

      European-based catalog of stars with their own planetary systems


5. Clubs and Organizations
      Saint Louis Astronomical Society

      Astronomical League home page. Links to observing programs and awards

      Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) home page

ASP’s “The Universe In the Classroom” newsletter. Primarily aimed at pre-college educators, but presents articles interesting for anyone. Current one is about the Kepler Planet-Hunter spacecraft recently launched.


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